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The Conscious Leadership Network is an Inclusive Community based upon diversity, inclusion and Nonviolent Communication



Establish Your True Authority In A Collaborative and Empowering Space Where Conscious Connections and Conscious Dialogue rules. This Is Where Movements and Individuals From All Around the World Come Together As One To Build a Better Reality For All.

We are a Global Network of Role Models and Change-makers Who Boldly Speak Our Truth To Cultivate Aliveness in Body, Mind and Spirit.

The Conscious Leadership Network is a collaborative community experience created and curated by the village of our members, talented professionals including entrepreneurs, seekers, healers, artists, visionaries, rebels, disruptors, divergents and those enigmatic geniuses that who don't fit into a box. 

This is a place to be real, raw, vulnerable and inclusive.  If you aren’t ready for that, this isn’t for you.

We know there are so many choices out there where you can devote your precious attention and trust us, this isn’t your traditional social media platform.

Especially now, the idea of a virtual community is no longer just about mindlessly wasting time.

...it is how business and and life gets done!

We started The Conscious Leadership Network to create a space for humans from all walks of life...

from science to spirituality, 

from the arts to engineering, 

from innovation to disruption, 

and labels beyond description to consciously evolve together.

We are here to create heart centered connections that will last a lifetime and cultivate a village of like minded individuals on our journeys, working towards creating a better reality for all. 

Increasing Conscious awareness of self and others

Healing collective trauma

Facilitating collaboration and synergy

Embracing abundance, joy, playfulness and creativity in lives

Where Work And Play Are One Ecstatic Energy

This is what our community is about!

YOU have the ability to affect real world change, not only within your immediate home community, but on a state, national, and global scale and if you’re not ready for your own movement, join one of ours.

Building a better reality begins with the transformation of you as an individual, so if you’re ready to be challenged, to show up, to play bigger games, co-create a village of human beings who can ultimately pay it forward out in the world, this community is for you!

Whether you simply want to network, discover your team of healers, share your profession with others, or create something special with us, you can choose your adventure with any of our movements or experiences that you will discover inside of the Conscious Leadership Network.


Because together we are stronger!

As a member of the Conscious Leadership Network here are just a few of the perks you can look forward to:

Networking: You’ll be given the opportunity to connect, share, co-create, and learn from the collective of seekers, leaders and teachers.

LIVE ZOOM calls: with Pallas Dame, (and other contributing Hosts and Moderators) Founder of the Conscious Leadership Network and CEO of The Authority Establishment, will host community ZOOM lives ranging from breathwork and meditation to community roundtables and connection with other members and support each other on a deeper level while helping us grow this community EXACTLY the way YOU want it. Let us know where you need support, guidance, education, connection, healing or more and we'll put our brains together to offer insight, suggestions & resources to help support you! 

Office Hours and LIVE ZOOM meetings with Industry Experts: In addition to the weekly community ZOOM Calls, you will have opportunities to connect with other leaders in our community via ZOOM where they share their knowledge, advice, tips, and insight with CLN members on topics like Quantum Medicine, Energy Healing, living a Passion driven life and business, Tantra, Gene Keys, Human Design, Community Spotlights, practical business coaching, social media, blogging, Vlogging, influencing, entrepreneur mindset and so much more!

Membership Directory: You’ll be listed in our in-platform membership directory, and have access to the contact info of other Conscious Leadership Network members.

Digital Marketing & Brand Visibility Resources for Business Owners: We’ll be providing you with advice and resources, through our parent company The Authority Establishment, to help you increase your brand's visibility & your digital marketing efforts, and establish your voice of authority around your practice and passions so you can take your business to the next level and get in front of your ideal clients & customers. 

Creative Opportunities such as our Write For US blogging and writing opportunities, Host your own PodCast on our network or be featured on ours, YouTube LIVES and more!

Engagement Bonuses: We'll be offering Ambassador rewards to members who are the most active and engaged within the community! The more you engage with us, the higher the chance you'll have of winning a prize! See Member Rewards for more details.

JOIN the TRIBES inside of the CLN that best connect with your heart centered passions, people interests and goals. 


BUILD your own TRIBE inside of our network with both internal and external landing pages where you have the opportunity to teach, share, co-create, build-upon your passions, knowledge and leadership skills. 

HOST your own COURSES inside of our network with both internal and external landing pages to be embedded in your websites, social media, news letters, marketing funnels and more. 

& so much more!

If you’re feeling stuck, alone, isolated and have the desire to connect with real, raw, human beings where vulnerability and intellect are considered beautiful and conscious transformation is ingrained in who we are. If you are seeking conscious awareness and dialogue with like minded individuals both in life and in your business while having a profound community to turn to, and are prepared to give just as much as you are to receive, we invite you to join us today inside the Conscious Leadership Network!

Why a Membership Fee?

Where we choose to invest our time, attention, resources and creativity right now has an impact on the choices we make and our capacity to create conscious awareness of self and our planet, in our tumultuous yet rapidly awakening world and we can't do it alone.  

If everyone contributes a little we can have “spaces” like this that are free of advertisements or someone controlling what we see or share. This is our village to co-create and steward together, and when we each contribute what we can as individuals as well as a collective, we establish a sustainable and thriving base from which to grow, transform and create a better reality for all.

Monthly Membership Fee
Monthly Membership   $6.99 per month
 Membership Option - Join our Co-op now and get your 1st year FREE as we move towards our official launch of both our virtual and real life networks in the Spring of 2022!  

You will receive updates and notifications as we continue to build out our Mighty Networks platform and prepare to launch GROUND ZERO of the CLN right here in Denver, Colorado!
Need a full scholarship? Please contact: [email protected] to apply and answer the following questions:

  • First and Last Name
  • Why would you like to join The Conscious Leadership Network
  • Please explain why you are requesting a full scholarship to join the Conscious Leadership Network.

Are You Ready To Make The Leap and get off Facebook? 

The Conscious Leadership Network is NOT on Facebook, which means there are NO fussy algorithms to deal with! Not only will your posts be seen, but you have the ability to control what you want to see, search for what you want, or you can browse everything, all sorted by chronological order, most popular, or by the last posts you've interacted with.

Are you ready to embrace your conscious awareness of self and others, while courageously developing and your unique qualities of leadership while fostering and contributing your own bio-individual gifts to this community and to the world?

Are you ready to get off those other social media platforms and participate in co-creating a heart driven, consciously aware community network more aligned with your values and choices!

Are you ready to embrace Non-violent communication (NVC), heart driven conversations, collaborations and connections that foundationally support your right to mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically thrive, choose love and diversity, cultivate a holistically balanced life for yourself and others?

Each member will also have the opportunity to create their own member profile, search through our CLN member directory, and communicate with members & hosts via group or private chat.

Also worth noting, you'll be able to access the community from your desktop AND on-phone app!

Then this network is for you!

Together we can create a better reality for all!

By joining the CLN - you accept and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Agreement linked below and included in the Conscious Leadership Network User Guide connected to this plan - click here to access the document http://authorityest.com/disclaimer/

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